Our Story


Founded in January of 2019, MaleahMoura Extensions & Beauty Supply LLC is owned and operated by Oshawa Hunt. She started her journey after being laid off from her corporate job not once, not twice, not three times not even four but SIX times!! That is when she decided to take her future into her own hands and create a company that will not only provide for her family but provide for generations to come. She has always had a passion for hair. She was raised in a barber shop around the scents of Wave Nouvea and perms where her grandmother not only cut and styled hair but also taught students to do the same. The buzzing of clippers and the sweeping up of hair was an everyday thing in her childhood. MaleahMoura Extensions & Beauty Supply is named after her 2 granddaughters, Maleah and Amoura. She wanted to create a place for her legacy to continue to grow. Oshawa also wanted to give consumers the option of having great hair care, at an affordable price with an option for DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP! Delivery is truly changing the way we do beauty!


At MaleahMoura Extensions & Beauty Supply LLC we strive to put the customer first. That is why we offer over 4k products to make sure the specific needs of our customers are met. With a great team to execute our vision, we work hard to keep up with trends. We strive to make sure MaleahMoura Extensions & Beauty Supply LLC offers the latest and best in hair care products. Aside from selling great products, we also participate in community outreach. From volunteering at San Antonio Dress for Success organization to sponsoring local events, we want to make sure our consumer feel welcomed and appreciated. We push to not only have the best hair in our city, but to also reach people on a level that surpasses products.


MaleahMoura Extensions & Beauty Supply carries over 300 brands and over 4,000 beauty products, styling tools & accessories.  Enjoy your favorites like Cantu, Shea Moisture, Kaleidoscope, Mane Choice, Carol's Daughter, Andis and much more. At MaleahMoura Extensions & Beauty Supply, we value our customers time and health. In an effort to improve the level of service and quality, we now offer Delivery Straight To Your Door!

As we continue to grow, we will continue to bless our community with the best service in the hair game.


Stay Tuned For More,


MaleahMoura Beauty Supply